We Protect ALL your Tech Screens with our Nano Liquid Coating Technology

Glass-Guard is an invisible Liquid Applied Screen Protection with its universal design it can be applied to any screen.

Scratch Resistant to 9h pencil hardness - TUV Certified. With 2 years Coating Performance available in 3 handy sizes 
watches, phones and tablets

Glass-Guard Range

Please make sure you watch our application videos before applying

Glass-Guard is a True Advanced Nano Liquid Technology that comprises

of a unique, highly complex compound of Silicon Tetraoxide and Silane to make the Ultimate Nano Coating Technology

Glass-Guard Molecular structure

When we talk about being permanent we mean it.

A Glass-Guard coating will last up to two years

before requiring a re-coat.

Sapphire Hard

Scratch resistances is measured on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Sapphires are known for there remarkable hardness at 9 on the Mohs Scale. This is the Third hardest mineral after the Diamond at 10 and Moissanite at 9.5. When Glass-Guard has bonded properly to your original screen it will make the glass as hard as a Sapphire.
9H Certificate

To Maintain a pristine screen use Nano Kleen!

Nano Kleen Packet
With the exponential growth in touch screen gadgets, namely Smart Watches, devices will get dirty with contaminants and finger prints.Smart Phones and Smart Tablets, inevitably the screen on these Nano Kleen is a uniquely formulated solution that has clever molecules that provide the ultimate clean screen. This solution contains no harmful chemicals or abrasives, leaving a streak free surface.

nano kleen bottle
As well as being provided in the Glass-Guard pack 
you can buy Nano Kleen in a 15ml pocket size spray bottle with a high grade microfibre cloth. 

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