We Protect ALL your Tech Screens with our Nano Liquid Coating Technology

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Glass-Guard Group Ltd
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Using the latest advancements in nano technology, Glass-Guard have developed the ultimate screen protection for your device. This easy to apply screen protector offers your device unbeatable, long lasting protection from scratches. Glass Guard is applied with a pre-treated wipe, once set this nano liquid protection is Sapphire Hard. The Glass Guard matrix bonds with your screen to a liquid glass layer that will offer give your device the screen the ultimate protection. Glass Guard bonds with your screen to offer unbeatable protection for up to 2 years, a high gloss finish, increased sensitivity of your touch screen, reduced smudges and fingerprints all of which will give your HD display more clarity. Glass-Guard is invisible to the eye once set so you will no longer have a peeling screen protector, bubbles or trapped dirt. Our pack includes a NANOKLEEN wipe to ensure that your screen in thoroughly clean before applying. SiO2 is considered to be the benchmark for nano coating Technology we have developed a unique compound incorporating SiO4 and SiH4 to create a true Hybrid Nano coating unequaled Durability, Strength, Clarity, Hygiene and Permanent Protection. This strengthens yet maintains flex within the glass for ultimate impact protection. When we talk permanent we mean it. A coated surface will remain coated for up to 2 years.