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new Glass-Guard website

18 Oct 2016

 Welcome to the new  Glass-Guard  website!

The glass-Guard development team have overhauled the companies website to enable you to have a smoother journey and experience when visiting. 

As you can already see the site has had a complete make over with crisp graphics and a clean presentation.

There is also an easy to use menu across the top to help you navigate through the site. But that's enough of the pillow talk what about the features?!!


Glass-Guard News

Well as you can see we have a new News section dedicated to all things Glass-Guard.

This section will cover news articles, tech blog releases events and anything that Glass-Guard want to tell you about


The team have now created a dedicated area on the site where all of the videos from tutorials to press release and even product testing, all together under one roof for your ease.

Glass-Guard Videos

So new sleek graphics, a modern slick design and these 2 new functions.. is this all that we can expect now from the Glass-Guard development team??

we spoke to one of the developers and they told us that this is just the start you will have to keep coming back to the site to see what the next upgrade might be... 

You can also follow Glass-guard on Facebook and Twitter as well for all of the latest info.

Well that's it from us, so until next time keep it wild, but keep it protected!! 

 Glass-Guard Footer Line

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new Glass-Guard website

The glass-Guard development team have overhauled the companies website...