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Pirate Screens

01 Mar 2017

 Pirates are raiding our shores!


Third party replacement screens are crashing onto our shores for Apple iPhone’s but are they actually doing more damage than good?

Unfortunately for iPhone customers the answer is YES! These un-original or ‘Pirate’ replacement screens as we refer to them at Glass-Guard are made from inferior glass and negate any future device warranty or support from Apple as we discovered to our dismay.

Pirate Screens

A customer engaged Glass-Guard after accidentally dropping their iPhone and their screen broke. They visited what they thought was a reputable iPhone repair company and had their screen replaced. Unfortunately not long after replacing their screen they happened to drop and break their screen yet again however this drop seemed less severe, so they decided to go directly to Apple to get it repaired. When they informed the Apple ‘Genius’ about their recent screen replacement the Apple ‘Genius’ informed them that it was in breach of Apple’s terms and conditions and would no longer be supported.

After the initial shock of discovering that their beloved iPhone was now effectively worthless raised some interesting questions amongst the Glass-Guard team as to why Apple would be so dismissive of their customers and effectively state “Apple’s way or no way!” as surely this would encourage loyal Apple customer’s to reconsider their future with such draconian practices over merely the screen component?

Also what about the 2nd hand market of iPhone's if the screen has already been replaced with a ‘pirate’ screen prior to being sold on, how would such a customer know what is or is not original and the fact that if they broke their screen that the brand they were so keen to use even if that meant buying a 2nd     hand device would actually mean they wouldn’t get the Apple experience after all, based on a single component such as the screen? 

Glass-Guard’s phone protection drop tests conducted with an original Apple Screen coated with Glass-Guard and a ComToolz cover at a height of 2 metres over 180 drops without breaking the screen yet with a pirate screen and the same protection only managed 3 drops making them 6000% weaker than original screens!

Glass-Guard drop test

What Glass-Guard Recommend…
If your phone is not broken and you want to save yourself from the heartache of screen damage and peace of mind if or when you do accidentally scratch your phone, then give your phone the protection it needs from Glass-Guard.
Glass-Guard is a liquid applied screen protection that permanently bonds with the glass making it stronger and scratch resistant to 9H for more information go to http://www.glass-guard.com

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